Brave Guardians is an epic 3D action fantasy defense game that narrates the story of four heroes (Pepo, Tiko, Zagi & Rapu) – each with extraordinary abilities.

Be prepared for an epic journey to defend your world against nasty fiends. This time you will take control of the brave guardians to lead them to the victory. Because Brave Guardians is not just another Tower Defense game!

Brave Guardians will touch App Store’s and Google Plays’ doors in less than two month.

Keep tuned, more info and official gameplay video will be available soon!

We are so happy to announce that SiliBili will touch App Store’s doors in less than a month.

Keep tuned, official gameplay video will be available soon!

SiliBili – Action Adventure Game with beautiful 3D graphics and fun characters coming soon for iOS & Android. This is the fascinating story of two little brave friends, who will do everything to save the planet from enemies.

Sili and Bili will have to save more than one planet. Hidden items, puzzle pieces and other surprises are found all through the planets. Every level offers new fun and new challenges.

Stay tuned, more news very soon!

Beat the Beast HD 1.0.4 Update with important fixes is now available on the App Store:

- iPad 1 crash fixed
- Level 9 initial gold changed to 200
- Minor bugs fixed

We sincerely apologize to all iPad 1 users!

Officially we’ve started working on our next project a 3D puzzle-platform game for iOS & Android platforms.

SiliBili is the story of a girl (Sili) and of a boy (Bili), more news soon…

We have just sent an update of Beat the Beast to the app store, it should be available next friday or saturday. This update includes the following improvements:

- Retina support added
- App icon fixed
- Default difficulty changed to normal for more challenge
- Minor bugs fixes

All this improvements are based on your comments, so please before rate with 1 star, send us your suggestions via contact form in our site that way we can make this game better y better.

Now we are working on Android version and adding some new challenge modes to the game.

P.S. Jose Cartagena from Spain if you see this post, please tell us where exactly you got the error and what device you use.

As we said before we already sent Beat the Beast to review and this week it should be available on the App Store. Check out the gameplay video and get an idea of the game, we hope you will like it… ;)

Finally we can announce that we have fnished and we sent Beat the Beast to the app store. We are very impatient while the application passes through the review process from Apple, hope that it be available for the next week.

Check out app store official screenshots…

After six months of arduous work we are happy to announce that we have finished. Now we are on final steps, beta testing (by the way, thanks a lot to all our beta testers). We are almost ready to send to app store just perfecting some details ;) , for while a new screenshot of the game…

Finally you can appreciate the game uniqueness or at least have an idea of the gameplay. Because of unique gameplay we couldn’t reveal more details before, but now we’ve nearly finished the testing phase and we hope to send to app store next week. Official trailer will be available the next week…

Before official trailer is finished, we presents characters walk cycle. These beasts also are armoder there are diferent levels of resistance for each one, in order to beat them you will need to upgrade your weapons and use some magic power.

Check this new video with arbalet’s animation and some other effects, like some of the beasts walking and dying, also some environment animation effects in the background.

Note that the video is not the entire scene it’s just a bit of animation effects. The gameplay will be shown in the trailer and it coming soon…

We are happy to announce that we have finished the development phase of our biggest project up to the date a 3D Tower Defense game named Beat the Beast. Next step is the testing phase and based on that we can confirm the release date (March 2012, the official day depends of App Store review process). Originally the game will be launch for iOS platform and later for Android.

As we wrote before, Beat the Beast is not another tower defense title with a standard gameplay. Beast the Beast has an unique 360 degrees gameplay with HD graphics and 3D environment that will bring you a completely new experience in video games.

Official trailer coming soon, keep in touch with more news…

Take a look to the hammer’s animation one of the weapons and perhaps the most effective one in the game, you will be able to say to us about that very soon. Video quality is not the best do not focus on that. ;) Any feedback is always welcome…

P.S. Beat the Beast Official trailer coming soon…

Your mission is to protect kingdom’s gates if the beasts enter and they capture the flags you will lose the game.

Some advances of magic power… Actually there are four different kind of magic, this wagon destructor is one of them and he will kill all the beasts on his way. You will need magic houses to harvest magic power…

We present the first advances of Beat the Beast some of the weapons, your feedback is always appreciated. Characters, environments, more weapons and magic powers of the game we will publish soon…

Officially started working on our biggest project a 3D Tower Defense game, more news soon…

Beat the Beast is “Strategy & Action” game with beautiful 3D environments, HD graphics and unique 360 degrees gameplay that brings you a completely new experience in video games.

Get Beat the Beast now and lose yourself in a unique and beautiful fairy world. Use a vast arsenal of towers, magic powers and obviously your tactical skills and the wisdom to defend your kingdom’s gates against the beasts.

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